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Momoshiro Takeshi: Thank you for voting me for Prince of the Week!

NameMomoshiro Takeshi
Height (cm)170
Blood TypeO
BirthdayJuly 23rd
Special SkillDunk Smash
QuotesI prefer to be liked by many (girls)
Favorite SubjectMath
Favorite ColorRed
HobbyMusic, Games
DescriptionMomoshiro Takeshi perfers to be called "Momo-Chan" (chan is a suffix used on Japanese names, usually refers to a really close friend or a kid) Momo is the power house of Seigaku, he plays really powerful balls and his "dunk smash" is beyond regular Junior high tennis level. Momo-chan is also the first Seigaku player to meet the star of the show: Echizen Ryoma, afterwards, the two behind good friends.

*** Spoiler alert

Unfortunately, after losing to Tezuka and Inui, Momo was dropped from the regular's team after the second regulars match in the series.

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