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The episode starts with Nanjirou  cleaning the front walkway as Ryoma leaves for the Rokkaku match.  Nanjirou starts pelting Ryoma with paper balls, which Ryoma returns with the broom in a neat pile.  Nanjirou notices that Ryoma’s swing speed is faster and silently cheers on his son. 


Tomoka and Sakuno are in cheerleading outfits with Tomo cheering excitedly.  The freshmen trio is wearing headbands supporting the tennis team.  The Seigaku team members warm up before the match as instructed by vice-captain Oishi, and notice a crowd around a bus.  Kids exit the bus followed by the Rokkaku regulars.  David puns again and Bane kicks him.  The Rokkaku kids go up to the Seigaku regulars and remark that Rokkaku won’t lose.  Fuji plays peacemaker between Momoshiro and the children.


As Ryoma is getting a Ponta from a vending machine, Oji from Rokkaku gets a drink at Ryoma’s expense.  Aoi comes up to Ryoma and wishes for them to give their game their all.  Ryoma finds Aoi’s talk annoying.  David and Bane also join the small group, and David puns twice more, only to be kicked twice more by Bane.


The regulars of both teams line up before the game starts.  Rokkaku’s Itsuki pelts the Seigaku regulars with lots of questions.  Doubles 2 is determined to be Seigaku’s power pair:  Kawamura-Momoshiro.  Just before the game starts, Tezuka text messages Oishi’s phone telling the team not to be careless.


Bane (Kurobane) and David (Amane) are doubles 2 for Rokkaku.  Shiba the photographer notices the length of David’s racquet and thinks that it’s a little large.  Inoue the reporter explains that a racquet can be up to 29 inches (73.66 inches) long and 12.5 inches (35 cm) to meet regulation size.  Bane starts the match by serving first.  However, Kawamura in his burning mode taunts him.  Bane serves and hits Kawamura in the stomach knocking him over with its power.  Momoshiro notices that Bane gets his power from pronation.  Momoshiro returns the serve with a Jack Knife that David returns with his extra long racquet.  Kawamura returns back with his Hadoukyuu that David returns easily as well. 


Another power match happens with Momoshiro using another Jack Knife with David returning it easily.  Kawamura tries using his Hadoukyuu, but Kurobane returns it.  A power rally continues between the two teams, but ends with Rokkaku gaining the first 5 games.  Tezuka’s message from earlier comes into play.  Momoshiro and Kawamura as well as Seigaku have underestimated the strength of Rokkaku. 


As the two teams change courts, David puns again with Kurobane kicking him in the head.  Oji notices David’s hair is messed up.  David always sets his hair with lots of wax before a match.  Even when matches are hard, his hair doesn’t really move. Ryuzaki, the Seigaku coach, tells Momoshiro and Kawamura that there is only one game left.  They turn around and everyone notices their looks of determination to win with match with their power style of tennis.  Ryuzaki senses this and silently encourages them to give it their all.


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