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The episode starts with the freshmen trio discussing the Fudoumine-Rikkaidai match.  The other players play practice matches or do self-training.  The tension is thick from watching the video of the Fudoumine-Rikkai match.  Momoshiro and Kaidou have another fight as usual.


On the way to the bike rack, Momoshiro realizes he lost his bike key.  Kaidou finds it and returns it to him.  Ryoma and Momoshiro walk together after practice with Momoshiro griping about Kaidou.  They encounter Coach Hanamura from Jyousei Shounan, a school Seigaku has already beaten.  She invites Momoshiro to join Jyousei Shounan, which he automatically turns down.  Kikumaru appears and overhears.  Kaidou also overhears causing Momoshiro brags about his offer.  Kaidou responds that he would be happy that Momoshiro left Seigaku.  Momoshiro argues back and says that he should leave, but Kaidou responds no scouts want him.  Mizuki Hajime from St. Rudolph appears from on top of the wall in turn to ask Kaidou to join St. Rudolph.  The freshmen trio, Sakuno, and Tomoka overhears all of this and cannot believe it.  While Kaidou and Momoshiro are fighting, Mizkui and Hanamura discuss an offer:  if Momoshiro and Kaidou defeat Mizuki and Jyousei Shounan’s captain that Hanamura will call in, then both will forget that they made an offer.  If Momoshiro and Kaidou should lose, Kaidou will go to St. Rudolph and Momoshiro to Jyousei Shounan.


Kajimoto Takahisa from Jyousei Shounan arrives at the street tennis court to pair with Mizuki against Momoshiro-Kaidou.  Kajimoto starts the game with his unusual L-doru serve.  Momoshiro and Kaidou realize that Mizuki and Kajimoto’s temporary doubles team make a pretty good combination.  Unfortunately, Momoshiro and Kaidou do not make a very good pair.  Kajimoto and Mizuki continue hitting the balls low and to the center causing Momoshiro and Kaidou to stumble on who should get the ball.  They don’t seem to realize Mizuki’s strategy on them, until Momoshiro yells at Kaidou for not using his Boomerang Snake and Kaidou yells back at Momoshiro for not using his Dunk Smash.  They start to realize that the low balls to the center seal their special moves.


The freshmen trio, Sakuno, and Tomo begin to worry Momoshiro and Kaidou will lose and have to go to other schools.  Ryoma’s indifferent response strikes a chord with both players.  They realize the opponents they are playing are their enemies not each other.   Momoshiro approaches the net in the next play making Kajimoto think he’s poaching.  He crosses to Kaidou who does a Boomerang Snake and scores a point.  Cracks start to show in the Mizuki-Kajimoto pair.  Kaidou does a Boomerang snake to set Mizuki up for a lob for Momoshiro to Dunk Smash.


Kikumaru and Hanamura recognize Momoshiro and Kaidou’s strategy.  Kikumaru notices that Momoshiro is playing for shots to be hit to Kaidou and Kaidou is playing for shots to be hit to Momoshiro.  They finally have started playing as a team.  Momoshiro wins the match point with a Jack Knife that knocks the racquets out of Mizuki and Kajimoto’s hands.  After the game, Momoshiro and Kaidou both agree they won not for each other, but rather did not want to lose.



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